Can Reliance Wholesale Limited deliver to all countries?

Yes, we do. We offer our services to all the nations across the globe. We do mixed pallets as well as full container loads. We can deliver by air, sea and road.
Can Reliance Wholesale Limited deliver direct to my trading address?
Yes, for European Union customers we can deliver straight to your store. For other nations, we can deliver direct to your port city. Please contact us for more details.
Will Reliance Wholesale Limited consolidate orders with other suppliers?
We don’t consolidate orders with other suppliers.
Can I arrange my own transportation?
Yes, you can organise goods collection from our warehouse but we also offer excellent freight services across the globe at best competitive rates.
When can I receive my ordered goods?
We at Reliance Wholesale Limited can process your order in less than five working days and also if you place large orders. Please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can guide you with the total delivery duration.
Can Reliance Wholesale Limited do delivery in UK?
Yes. We deliver anywhere in UK for onward shipment. Please contact us for UK(local) delivery costs.
Do Reliance Wholesale Limited provide with documentation?
We can provide you with all the legal documents required for importing goods. For additional documents please contact us.
Do I need to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Customers outside the European Union and United Kingdom need not pay VAT. United Kingdom customers are required to pay 17.5% VAT on standard VAT products. EU customers need to provide a confirmed EC VAT number for exemption.



How do I place an order?
The fastest way to place an order is to download our product catalogue and type in the required quantities. Once you have completed the order please email us the file. If you need alternate methods for ordering the products than please contact us.
What is the minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order quantity for items that can be collected from our warehouse.
When does my order quotation valid expire?
Your order quotation expires in 7 working days.
What do I do if I need a quotation?
Please e-mail proposed order with required quantities to: info@reliancewholesale.co.uk
When do I have to ship or collect my order?
Once payment has been made we will confirm the shipping date and proposed delivery date to port. Our Export manager will be in contact during this time.
Do I need to order seasonal products in advance?
Seasonal products are not available for a long period. It’s best advisable to order them in advance. We will mail you all the necessary details well in advance so you don’t miss out!!!
Will Reliance Wholesale Limited sell to individual consumer?
We don’t sell to individual consumers but we can export and supply wholesalers, businesses, distributors across the globe.
What shelf life can I expect?
All our products have really long shelf life. Please contact us for product specific shelf life details.
How do I make a payment for my order?
Full payment in advance for every order placed. Please contact us for more details on payments.
Can I make payment using multicurrency?

We only accept payment in British Pound Sterling (GBP)

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